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How we show the face. Map of associativity and marketing strategy for rural tourism SMEs

Angulo, J.G.

Short title: Associativity and marketing for SMEs in Rural tourism

It was observed as a predominant feature in the SMEs of hospitality, case specific small hotels, inns, agrotourist development and other alternative establishments levels low in average annual occupation, standardization in the cycle of the product, low profitability, weak image and lack of marketing strategy. This assertion stems from a field investigation made entrepreneurs of SMEs in 8 countries of Latin America, Spain and Portugal, with aim to propose a set of strategies and actions about associativity, marketing and advertising to improve its occupancy levels. According to Arias (2004), field research "is the collection of data directly from the reality in which events occur, without manipulating or controlling some variables". To achieve this goal the research part a field exploration, with a random sampling to 105 projects, in addition to 315 surveys guests. Then to generate proposals took into account the opinion of experts and documentation. Research allowed to know the problems in these types of providers which focuses on the ignorance and little use of marketing and advertising strategies, which will suggest strategies and actions in accordance with their characteristics. This aspect is conclusive and decisive about the need of promoting mechanisms for cooperation, training or technical assistance enabling the knowledge of these techniques.

Angulo, J.G. Universidad Politécnica Territorial del Estado Mérida. Venezuela. gregorioangulo@hotmail.com

Spanish Journal of Rural Development, Vol. VI (Special 1): 93-98, 2015
Copyright © 2015 Ignacio J. Díaz-Maroto Hidalgo
DOI: 10.5261/2015.ESP1.08