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Tourism as a complementary activity of fishing in rural communities. Case Bahía de Chamela, Jalisco

Maldonado, O.A., Flores, L.M., Chávez-Dagostino, R.M., Bravo, M.L.

Short title: Tourism as a complementary activity of fishing in rural communities

At the bay of Chamela in Jalisco state, fishing predominates as economic activity, followed by agriculture. Being a rural area that supports its economy in the primary sector, is prone to recurrent changes related to varied factors such as climate change, the decline in the volumes of fish catch and constant changes in land use due to growth urban area, including tourism projects. Therefore, it has been necessary to look for complementary options to traditional economic activities in the area and that is why we explore how local fishing coexists with other activities like tourism in the area. For this, interviews and surveys with local stakeholders (fishermen and local authorities) were conducted. It was found that fishing in the bay is artisanal and small scale, and that the link to tourism, is the catch sale to tourism sector and the travel by sea. The last is performed in and around a protected area, where rural coastal dwellers manage to enter to the model of community-based alternative tourism. Alternative tourism has had a poor and temporary impact on the local economy and is carried out in a disorderly way, fact that prevents higher profits.

Maldonado, O.A., Flores, L.M. Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa, México. osmaldonado58@yahoo.com

Chávez-Dagostino, R.M., Bravo, M.L. Centro Universitario de la Costa, Universidad de Guadalajara, México

Spanish Journal of Rural Development, Vol. VI (Special 1): 83-92, 2015
Copyright © 2015 Ignacio J. Díaz-Maroto Hidalgo
DOI: 10.5261/2015.ESP1.07