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Urban agriculture and the policies of the European Union: the need for renewal

Curry, N., Reed, M., Keech, D., Maye, D., Kirwan, J.

Short title: Urban agriculture and the policies of the European Union

To date, analyses of European policies as they pertain to urban agriculture and new modes of socio-technical innovation are rare, beyond general assessments that recognise relative degrees of influence. The purpose of this paper is thus to provide a targeted review of key European policies that impact and are likely to impact upon urban agriculture and sustainable modes of food provisioning, with a particular focus on the Bristol city-region, to provide contextualisation. Through interviews with key actors in the cityregion we reflect on the importance not only of European level policies but also of how they are perceived and interpreted at a local level. By way of a systematic review based on key themes relevant to urban agriculture, the paper presents analysis of some of the key policies that are perceived to act to enable or frustrate the development of urban agriculture. The paper concludes by considering the ways in which a renewal of the CAP in particular might empower urban agriculture.

Curry, N.*, Reed, M., Keech, D., Maye, D., Kirwan, J. The Countryside and Community Research Institute, the University of Gloucestershire, Oxstalls Lane, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. nrcurry@hotmail.com

Spanish Journal of Rural Development, Vol. V (Special 1): 91-106, 2014
Copyright © 2014 Ignacio J. Díaz-Maroto Hidalgo
DOI: 10.5261/2014.ESP1.08