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Collective agency and collaborative governance in managing the commons: the case of “A Serra do Galiñeiro” in Galicia, Spain

Domínguez García, M.D., Swagemakers, P., Copena Rodríguez, D., Covelo Alonso, J., Simón Fernández, X..

Short title: Common-pool resource management in Galicia, Spain

Whilst in the dominant discourse on the modernization of agriculture and forestry food and timber production is related to the world market, in many places people relate production and consumption in alternative ways. In the city-region of Vigo (Galicia, northwestern Spain) case study research is on how “Comunidades de Montes Veciñais en Man Común” (Associations of the Commons or CMVMCs) reconstruct the value of “Monte”, land traditionally in multifunctional use but that has been subject to a strong process of abandonment, for both rural and city dwellers. In particular, the study analyzes how interrelated projects of the CMVMC Vincios and the umbrella organization “Val Miñor Mancommunidade de Montes” provide four types of ecosystem services: provisioning, supporting, regulating and cultural ecosystem services. The main research questions are: How does the management of Monte relate to coordination mechanisms grounded in collective action and decisionmaking? To what extent do CMVMCs contribute to the design and the management of the green sites in the city-region of Vigo? In conclusion, we examine how practitioners close the gap between food provision, biodiversity conservation and related ecosystem services, and construct a socio-ecological model based on the multi-functional use of the land that meets environmental sustainability and societal demands.

Domínguez García, M.D., Swagemakers, P., Copena Rodríguez, D., Simón Fernández, X. Grupo de Investigación de Economía Ecolóxica e Agroecoloxía (GIEEA, Research Group in Ecological Economics and Agroecology), Department of Applied Economics, Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences, University of Vigo, Vigo, Spain. ramstein@uvigo.es

Covelo Alonso, J. Comunidade de Montes Veciñais en Man Común de Vincios (CMVMC Vincios), Vincios, Spain. Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Via Ostiense 159, 00154 Rome, Italy

Spanish Journal of Rural Development, Vol. V (Special 1): 49-64, 2014
Copyright © 2014 Ignacio J. Díaz-Maroto Hidalgo
DOI: 10.5261/2014.ESP1.05